Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buy Local Buy USA

It is a frightening statistic.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the United States had a 27 billion, yes I said billion, trade deficit in June 2009.  I decided to look into our trade with other countries after hearing story after story from manufacturers that it is just too expensive to manufacture here.  Because of our principles, we actively seek to carry products that are Made in the USA wherever possible so we always question where a product is made and why.  So many fabulous companies have told us that they just could not get retailers to buy their product at the price point that would be required if the product was made in the United States.  Before owning a store myself I would have probably thought that this was a cop out and that they just wanted bigger profits.  However, now that I am the middleman bringing products to consumers, I can see that it is not just about profit but about survival.  After purchasing several clothing lines that were made here, we soon realized after they sat on the floor for months on end that the majority of people were not willing to pay the higher prices.  I assume that part of that is due to the economy but I know that a lot of it is that we have became a country pursuing lower prices and more stuff.  As the country emerges from this recession, I hope that we can all, including myself, put more thought into quality versus quantity.  The more we demand products made here, the more companies will consider moving manufacturing back here.  I live in North Carolina.  It used to be a major manufacturer of furniture and textiles.  Needless to say, the majority of furniture companies now make their products in Asia.  This is not just losing jobs but the loss of a trade in furniture making.  You can find an inexpensive crib on the internet for under $200 or you could buy an American hand-crafted crib made from solid wood for around $710.  Pacific Rim has been making furniture in Eugene, Oregon since 1981.  

Our goal is to bring you better choices and unique finds.  We actively seek products that are healthier such as organic cotton or products free of harmful chemicals.  It also means that we look for superior quality and durability.   We also love to bring you unique finds that you can't find at big box stores.  

Thank you for shopping with us!