Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association New Website

As a retailer, I am often surprised that so many parents do not know what the JPMA certification means. As a result, GreenPea Baby has made it a priority to keep parents informed by educating them on what this certification means and by providing the Safe and Sound brochure at our register. The Safe and Sound for Baby brochure is a guide provided by the JPMA on baby product safety, use and selection. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, or JPMA, is a national trade organization dedicated to enhancing children's product safety. Their comprehensive program guides parents toward purchasing products that are built with safety in mind. To make it even easier on parents, they have launched a new website that includes a section called The Parenthood. Here parents can find the Innovative Product winners, sign up for their newsletter, and learn more about the facts and requirements of the JPMA certification. If you are in the baby market, you should check out this fabulous resource dedicated to helping you make safer product choices for your family. At GreenPea Baby we are dedicated to bringing you safe choices too. A couple of our top products that are JPMA certified are the Micralite Stroller and the Svan High Chair.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wake Up America!

Fabulous video by Healthy Child Healthy World! I love this organization and what they are trying to do.


Owning a store and trying to convey to parents our passion for safer products has been a challenge. For four years now, after being diagnosed with cancer, I have read and learned more about our environment and the number of chemicals that we expose ourselves to than I ever wanted to know. It is very hard trying to balance what I know and the passion to tell others without scaring new parents. Many parents have not even given it a thought. Many others know way more than I do. I know in my heart that every parent wants the best for their children, they are just too busy or don't have that adamant friend that keeps filling their minds with words like BPA, Triclosan, Phthalates and on and on.

It has been a real struggle for me moving our family to better products just like anyone else. I have a teenage daughter that wants the cool cosmetics, a son that would have his entire diet consist of junk food and a six year old that is in love with every new plastic toy on the market. It is hard and I have had to learn to balance what I can do all the while teaching them about why we should avoid certain things. Meanwhile behind the scenes I am quietly making changes in how I clean, the skin products that I purchase and buy organic food products where I can. Just like everyone else, I have to find this balance between choosing better products and my budget.

Both in my home and in the store, there are some lines that I feel so passionate about that I won't cross. That is why you will not find a conventional mattress sold here or skin care that contains harmful chemicals. We make sure that all of our feeding products are BPA, Phthalate and Lead Free. We focus on wooden toys made from wonderful companies such as Plan Toys. We will not carry any type of antibacterial lotion or cleanser. Parents have been convinced by advertisers and media that this is the right way to protect your children. I don't believe that everything that you have to wear has to be organic although wrapping a newborn baby in pure fabrics sounds like a good idea to me.

At GreenPea Baby we help prioritize those tough choices one parent at a time. It is our goal to go through the thousands of baby products on the market and to weed out the products that we feel would have the biggest impact on the health of our children. We want to make shopping for baby easier on parents. It is part of our Baby Simplified™ approach. Simplifying your choices, simplifying your life.