Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association New Website

As a retailer, I am often surprised that so many parents do not know what the JPMA certification means. As a result, GreenPea Baby has made it a priority to keep parents informed by educating them on what this certification means and by providing the Safe and Sound brochure at our register. The Safe and Sound for Baby brochure is a guide provided by the JPMA on baby product safety, use and selection. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, or JPMA, is a national trade organization dedicated to enhancing children's product safety. Their comprehensive program guides parents toward purchasing products that are built with safety in mind. To make it even easier on parents, they have launched a new website that includes a section called The Parenthood. Here parents can find the Innovative Product winners, sign up for their newsletter, and learn more about the facts and requirements of the JPMA certification. If you are in the baby market, you should check out this fabulous resource dedicated to helping you make safer product choices for your family. At GreenPea Baby we are dedicated to bringing you safe choices too. A couple of our top products that are JPMA certified are the Micralite Stroller and the Svan High Chair.

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