Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We love this new take on an old kid-safety idea

I'm always a little anxious whenever we're at a crowded amusement park, festival or other people-packed event with Cailee. Even now that she's older and knows her phone number, I have read that when someone is upset or scared, even the most familiar facts can fly right out of their mind, and I imagine that getting lost in a crowd would be enough to cause trouble!

As the autumn event season kicks into gear, with HollyFest, the NC State Fair, Halloween and other outings approach, I recommend keeping one or two packs of Write On SafetyTats on hand for some added peace of mind. What is the Safety Tat? These clever innovations in kid safety are fun rub-on tattoos, pre-printed with "if LOST, please call: "... just rub it onto your child's arm, and write your mobile number in the space provided. A waterproof-ink pen is provided too. The tattoo is waterless, so you can apply it quickly and easily, even while you're out and about. It's waterproof, so even getting caught in the rain won't obscure it. AND it's super durable -- one will stay on up to 2 weeks if necessary-- yet peels off readily if needed. They've even got ones to alert people about your child's allergies!

I'll be keeping a pack in each of our cars from now on. Because we know that taking care of babies makes keeping track of older siblings a little more challenging, you can find SafetyTats at our store for babies and beyond: GreenPea Nursery, in Apex NC or online.

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