Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super special on Bratt Decor crib

In a hurry? Here's the scoop:

  • 40% off the regular price for our display model Bratt Decor Heritage red crib with airplane finials and/or bookcase.
  • Double rewards points on any new Bratt Decor nursery furniture you order through December 15 (on a crib purchase, that would be like receiving a $60 or more gift certificate for other baby items!).
  • And awesome new Bratt Decor crib designs...
Why are we excited about Bratt Decor cribs and nursery furniture?
At first, we were very disappointed to hear that Bratt Decor was discontinuing several of its very stylish baby cribs... but since it means the finishes are going to be tested to confirm their safety, and 2 great new styles, we really couldn't complain -- and now that we've seen the new Manhattan series, we're pretty darned excited for our customers!

The Manhattan nursery furniture line includes 2 cribs -- see photos above-- the
Soho Crib and the Park Avenue Crib, and all the storage pieces you would want: dressers, changing top, etc. The Park Avenue has a very graceful, classic look. The clean-lined Soho could fit either contemporary or classic tastes, and is also available in a very handsome four-poster/loft style. White or sable finishes give you two great foundation options from which to design the rest of your nursery decor. These are primarily wood, with some MDF Grade 0-1 (the lowest amount of formaldehyde measurable). There are three other beautiful lines available too, so take a look at the Bratt Decor section on our site, and feel free to call if you have any questions.

And, if you're in the Raleigh, NC area come see examples of their quality craftsmanship (and that
adorable brick red 4-poster crib with the airplane or globe finials and matching bookcase is 40% off -- until someone snatches them up). Plus, place your order for any new Bratt Decor items before December 15 and we'll double your rewards points (equivalent to receiving a $60 or more gift certificate for other nursery decor and baby items when you buy a crib!)

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