Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Product Overwhelm

Are you suffering from baby product overwhelm?

As a soon to be parent, you jump excitedly into the baby market, confident to find the hippest coolest products around that are completely safe for your baby. What you soon realize is that there are so many options and deciding which is best for your baby can be overwhelming. The baby market is one of excess. There are hundreds of options in every category. Online and local retailers have grown into massive baby stores offering every product under the sun. Their approach is that more is better. Have every product a parent could possibly want and you are sure to get the sale - right? Baby product reviews can be biased by either the review company receiving free product or by receiving a portion of the sale. Many of the parent reviews that you find can be very outdated. We found some that go back as much as 9 years. Most baby products, especially baby gear, change every year. Reading a review that is more than a year old or that doesn't address the current model of a product is basically useless.

So what is a parent to do?

Our solution - "Shopping For Baby Simplified"
As a retailer of baby products, we feel like it is our responsibility to thoroughly research the market for the best baby products available. Whenever we are deciding on a new product, we spend weeks researching the history, analyzing product reviews and meeting with manufacturer representatives. We don't just bring in a product because it is a fad or the new product on the block. There are many factors that go into our decision making process. Here are some of the criteria that we look at:
  • Is the product JPMA certified?
  • Does it meet all of our "must-have" features?
  • Is it rated highly by non-biased product review companies?
  • Are there recent and unbiased parent reviews on the product?
  • Has it passed our Mom Product Panel review? (if applicable)
After we have narrowed our selections to the top 2 or 3 products in each category, we match the product to the customer's needs. For example, when we are working with customers that are looking to buy a stroller, we ask them many lifestyle questions that will help us match the best stroller to their needs. Just because your best friend loves a certain all terrain stroller doesn't mean that it will be the best stroller for you. Perhaps there is a big difference in height between the husband and wife. What if you need a stroller that will fit in a sedan and not take up your entire trunk? Is it important that you can use a car seat with the stroller or do you plan on buying a convertible car seat that will stay in the car? Matching your lifestyle with the best baby product for you is our specialty.

Shopping at GreenPea Baby is easy! You will find select top reviewed baby products in all your major categories and the fun and innovative products that are only found in specialty stores. It is the best of both worlds!

Shop with us and find top products in baby furniture, crib bedding, baby gear and more!

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