Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mama Roo: A Mom's Best Friend

Have you ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands to help out with your baby? There are nannies, babysitters and even family members who could help but sometimes, you just need a little bit more. Mama Roo by 4moms serves as an extra pair of “hands” whenever you need it. Ordinary baby swings or baby bouncy seats are limited in motion options and take up more space. Mama Roo is a unique baby swing bouncer that will move just like you do so your baby will not know whether it is you holding her or the swing!

Mama Roo moves in FIVE different unique motions and at five different speeds. This way, you can make your baby feel the most comfortable that he or she has ever been. Also, to keep your baby entertained and happy, Mama Roo has three different plush toy balls attached to it at hands reach that are safe to chew on and machine washable. Besides keeping your baby entertained, Mama Roo is also the perfect atmosphere for your baby to be lulled to sleep. There are different white noise nature sounds and if that’s not enough, you can attach any MP3 player and play your baby’s favorite lullaby songs. It can be rocked and reclined to any position on its axis.

You’ve heard it in words but now to see the Mama Roo in action, check out this video and you can see for yourself how wonderful this product truly is:

What better way to believe all of this than hearing it from an actual parent? Well, Cindy Reichel from Sauk Rapids, MN said, “It is definitely the best soothing technique I have found! If you are looking for a product to make your and your baby’s life a little easier for a very reasonable price, please try the Mama Roo!! This is a must have product for all new…and repeat parents!”

With Mama Roo, it is play time, sleep time, anytime.

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