Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Medela Breast Pumps

This week, August 1-8th is World Breastfeeding Week. The perfect week to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of Medela Breast Pumps. After months and months of research, we have finally made a decision to bring in Medela Breast Pumps. We never make a quick decision about a product line. As a store, we have several criteria that a product must meet before we consider bringing it in. There is no doubt that Medela has a long, positive reputation but we wanted to make sure that we evaluated all the other breastfeeding products before we made a decision. As we met with representatives of the other competing breastfeeding lines, it became very clear that choosing a product line was not going to be that easy. There are so many options and choices. You have single-phase and 2-phase technology, there are double pumps, single pumps, hand held pumps, hospital-grade and more. For a new mom, the choices on the market are completely overwhelming and making the wrong decision can really impact breastfeeding success and your pocketbook. It is our goal and mission to provide you with the best products in each category. It is for this reason that we have decided to choose Medela and here are the reasons why:
  • 2-Phase Expression Technology - Medela is the only breastpump manufacturer that utilizes this technology
"Through research, Medela learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed. The Stimulation Phase is fast and light sucking to start milk flowing followed by the Expression Phase, slow and stronger sucking to deliver more milk faster. The Freestyle breastpump includes exclusive 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics a baby's natural nursing pattern."
  • Medela products are consistently ranked 4 & 5 stars on customer reviews and recommended through other non-biased review sites.
  • Lactation consultant recommended.
  • Mom panel recommended.
At GreenPea Baby, we are happy to help match your breastfeeding needs with the right product. Call us today at 1-800-273-6489 or 919-387-9880.

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