Friday, January 9, 2009

Ask Questions Before You Buy!

The CPSC recently recalled the Munire "Newport Rubbed Black Cribs" and matching furniture because it violated the lead paint standard. This product is made in New Jersey not China. A child actually ingested the paint and was diagnosed with lead poisoning. Children are even more susceptible to the effects of lead poisoning and it may lead to lower intelligence and other serious health problems. Apparently the red paint under the black rubbed finish was the culprit. If you think that you may own one of these cribs or furniture pieces you can find out more information at the CPSC website.

Lead is not only found in products. There are other places that our children can be exposed without us even realizing it. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, there are over 16,000 industrial facilities across the country, including power plants, smelters and cement kilns, that emit lead into the air. This emissions eventually settle into soil and dust. Over 300,000 children today suffer from lead poisoning. For some ways to help reduce the chance of lead exposure the Natural Resources Defense Council suggests some simple steps. You can even locate your state to find out if there is a lead polluter near you.

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